Yoga Fundamentals

7 one hour classes gives everyone an opportunity to learn how to safely and mindfully move the whole body for strength, balance and flexibility; breathe properly for health and a clear mind; and mindfulness to develop focus and clarity.

Week 1: Yoga Basics

Learn how to enjoy yoga classes properly and safely with our experienced certified yoga instructors.

Week 2: Proper Breathing

Learning to use our breath is fundamental to our health. This class will introduce the techniques of proper breathing. Experiential, informative and relaxing, this class will calm the mind and provide participants with tools and techniques they can use all day to stay focused and reduce the effects of stress even in the midst of chaos.

Week 3: Introduction of Mindfulness

Learning how to stay present while actively observing what is going on is the foundation of Mindful Training. Developing the skills to stay focused enables us to be more pro-active and less reactive.

Developing the habit of being present means that we are more engaged, efficient, and effective in our lives. The results are that we live with less stressand agitationwhile enjoying more of our lives. This class will cover 3 techniques to train the mind to stay focused and present.

Week 4: Complete Yoga Class

Integrating proper breathing, mindfulness thinking and movement into a slow flow Yoga class for all levels.

Week 5: Desk Yoga

Sitting at the desk for hours takes a toll on our energy and our bodies. During this class you will learn 12 yoga postures you can do at your desk to increase energy, avoid repetitive strain injuries and reduce stress while stretching and strengthening your body.

Week 6: Step it up

Enjoying the benefits of building on the skills used in the previous weeks, best replica watches enjoy a full one hour yoga class.

Week 7:One hour guided Mindful Meditation class

This guided meditation class will help quiet the mind allowing for clearer thinking while developing focus and stamina, and reducing the level of stress people experience.