Golf and Sporting Events

Make your next tournament a hole in one.

Golf massage is our specialty across Canada. We've done tens of thousands of massages on golf courses across Canada. Our clients have used our golf massage services to make their events a success, including:

Golf events are always a huge success when adding the value of revitalizing, refreshing on-site chair massage. You can use golf tournament massage as a:

Pre-game warm-up:

Reduce their risk of injury with a specially designed warm up and stretch program. Warm up muscles for maximum playing potential.

During the game:

Provide a quick refresher massage in a Massage Station on the course.  Revitalize and refresh players during the game. Massage On Wheels' signature Golf Massage is guaranteed never to delay the game.

Back at the Club House:

Players and guests refresh, revitalize and renew their energy after the day's play. Relaxation massage targets the areas where muscles are stiff and sore while revitalizing your guests before dinner.

revitalizing your guests before dinner.

Let attendees feel your sponsorship! Tournament massage sponsors enjoy the benefit of tremendously increased visual exposure when adding a Massage Station to their sponsorship event.

Golf season is a busy one. Even though we have a large network of massage practitioners across Canada, there are times when we are booked to full capacity. To avoid disappointment, book early for the upcoming season.