The Wellness Edge

The Wellness Edge provides Mindful based programs, services, and techniques to build a more focused, effective and productive workplace giving your organization the Winning Edge.

The Wellness Edge works with organizations to determine and meet their wellness objectives.  We deliver proven tools and techniques for self management to help eliminate the negative effects of stress in order to positively impact people's lives, while decreasing health related costs role play toys to your organization. Working with your team, we create customized, cost effective programs and services which are popular and simple to implement with on line scheduling and complete service packages.

Programs to increase health and wellness can include on site yoga, on site mobile massage, and Mindful training with meditation techniques for stress reduction, increased effectiveness and engagement.

Our Programs and Services are founded on 3 principles:

Life is stressful:

How we react to situations is a choice. Mindfulness teaches us to act consciously giving us the tools to make the best choices. The alternative often leads to choices and decisions made out of habit which do not always serve our best interests.

Work Life Integration:

Learning to be mindful is integrated in our work life, it is not a separate unrelated course of action. Mindful training utilizes our work time to be more effective and efficient.

Science based research:

Based on eastern practices, taught for Western culture, Mindful based tools increase focus and cognitive awareness, reduce distractions and both mental and physical fatigue. Please see our Blog for the latest information.

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To inquire about our programs, services and learn how we can help you inspire your people to utilize the resources available to them, call us or send us a note. We will get back to you the same day.