Carrie Mudrick-Rubel

Carrie Mudrick Rubel seeks balance and equanimity in life. A Canadian entrepreneur she strives to deliver the very best service for her clients and their guests based on the values of service, integrity and mindfulness.

After experiencing a tremendously difficult period in her own life, and witnessing first hand the effects of chronic stress, Carrie made it her personal mission to learn most effective ways to both manage stress while developing focus, and balance to live with sustainable energy and effectiveness.

Helping people and organizations deal with stress has been the motivation for Massage On Wheels. Since 2001 Massage On Wheels has provided group and corporate mobile massage and spa services for large and small events across Canada. 

With over 15 years of experience practicing yoga and meditation, Carrie received her Yoga Instructor Certificate and began teaching private and group Yoga and Mindful living classes. Teaching techniques and tools to help people thrive and not only survive is what motivates The Wellness Edge.

Nominated as Favourite Event Supplier, and voted #1 Service at client events, Carrie is proud of her team who always bring excellence to each event.

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