What is Mindfulness?

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Focused Engaged and Effective

Mindful Training helps people develop habits to live fully engaged in every aspect of their life.

What is Mindful Based Training?

Mindful Based Training is learning how to stay present and actively observe, retaining focus on what is happening undistracted by other thoughts, emotions and sensations.   When retaining focus and staying fully engaged we make better decisions, our relationship and communication skills improve enabling us to live more effectively as individuals and organizationally.

What is the cost to your health and your organization?

Distraction, lack of focus, and attention placed on future worries and past problems, stress and lack of engagement are costing our economy $50 Billion a year.  By learning mindfulness, people are living healthier, more productive and engaged lives at work and at home.  

The Wellness Edge Mindful Based Programs:

The Wellness Edge delivers custom designed workshops, programs and presentations to help people and organizations develop a ‘Culture of Mindfulness’ to develop more engagement, health and wealth.

Non religious and entertaining, each program and serie is specifically designed for people to learn and actively experience the benefits of Mindfulness. Utilizing simple and time proven techniques each program addresses the issues which are affecting the health and wealth of the people and organizations.

Mindfulness at your organization:

Introduce Mindfulness to your organization or department with custom workshops to meet your objectives. Ongoing weekly 1-1.5 hour sessions are arranged to meet your objectives within your organization’s time frames such as lunch and learns, after work or as team building experiences to further develop the habit of mindfulness.  Creating a more resilient and effective environment builds health and wealth.

Each organization and department face unique challenges. Workshop series are designed specifically to meet your targets and objectives. After consulting with you, our teams design custom programs based on proven techniques.  Please call to arrange a time to discuss your objectives.